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Minecraft Plugins

I make small Minecraft plugins. You can check them out here.


These plugins work on either Spigot/Paper or BungeeCord/Waterfall.


These plugins will work on BungeeCord/Waterfall. They also should work on any fork of either.

  • BungeeBlockVersion – A Bungee/Waterfall plugin that will block players from connecting with certain versions.


These plugins will work on Spigot/Paper. They should also work on any forks.

  • AnarchyStats – Get server age, total players, and world size in a nice little command.
  • CompassTracker – A hunter vs. speedrunner plugin.
  • EzHomes – A super easy to use home plugin.
  • NoEndCrystals – Disable placement of End Crystals in certain worlds.
  • PartyChat – A simple party chat plugin.
  • TabCompleter – A simple plugin to change tab completion of commands.
  • TorchRefill – Automatically put torches into your hand!


I opened-source all of my custom plugins I used on DESTROYMC.NET.

  • DMC-MOTD – Custom MOTD system. Allows for random and fixed MOTDs. Supports Spigot/Paper and BungeeCord/Waterfall servers.
  • NoNetherFun – Disable block breaking and placing above the Nether roof.
  • PlayerTracker – Track first and last login times. Uses a MySQL database for storage.
  • SimpleMessage – Very basic messaging and ignoring system.
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