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AnarchyStats is a simple plugin to show server age, total players, and world size in a nice little command. This plugin is mainly focused towards anarchy servers to display their server’s information.

This plugin was made for 1.15, but should work on versions above.


  • See server age, total players, and world size using /info.
  • Reload the config using /anarchystats reload.


The config looks spooky at first, but it’s very simple. Everything is pretty self explanatory.

However, the date formatting can be a bit tricky. Refer to this chart for the formatting.

In short, these are short codes that will translate into the real deal. Here are some examples. Let’s say our start date is May 27th, 2019.

  • M/dd/yyyy – 5/27/2019.
  • MMMM d, yyyy – May 27, 2019.
# Some plugins use /info for things. This let's you change the plugins command so they don't override.
# Default is /info.
# This requires a whole server restart.
info-command-override: "info"

# This is the start date of your world.
# Format: MM/DD/YYYY. You must put zeros for single digits. Example: 06, 02, 01, etc.
date: 05/27/2019 # This date is May 27th, 2019.

# Change how the date is formatted on the command.
# The default value will format the display like this: 05/27/2019 (MM/DD/YYYY).
# You can find examples on how to custom this here: https://www.journaldev.com/17899/java-simpledateformat-java-date-format <- There is a chart at the bottom of the page.
date-format: "M/dd/yyyy"

# This let's you set which worlds will be included in the size calculation.
# By default, it uses the default worlds.
# You can add more or change the names.
  - "world"
  - "world_nether"
  - "world_the_end"

# This is where you can change what message is on the command.
# {{STARTDATE}} - Displays the start date for the server. Uses the date above.
# {{DAYS}} - Displays how many days since the start date for the server.
# {{WORLDSIZE}} - Displays the world size.
# {{TOTALJOINS}} - Displays the total unique players that have joined.
  - "&6--------------------------------------------"
  - "&3ServerName was created on {{STARTDATE}}. That was {{DAYS}} days ago."
  - "&3The world is {{WORLDSIZE}}."
  - "&3A total of {{TOTALJOINS}} players have joined."
  - "&6--------------------------------------------"


It’s recommended to download the latest release. You can find releases at GitHub.


This plugin is released under GNU General Public License v3.

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