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A hunter vs. speedrunner plugin. Inspired by Dream’s Manhunt series. Works on versions 1.15 and above.


  • Track a player’s location via a compass. Right clicking while holding the compass will update the player’s last location.
  • Support for multiple hunters who can use the compass.
  • The game will automatically end based on certain conditions.
    • The speedrunner dies.
    • The speedrunner leaves the game.
    • The speedrunner kills the Ender Dragon.
  • Very lightweight, super easy to use.

How to Use

  1. Make sure there are at least 2 players on the server.
  2. Use /ct setplayer <player> to set the speedrunner. This is who the compass will point to.
  3. Use /ct addhunter <player> to add a hunter to the game. You can have multiple hunters that will use the tracking compass.
    • Use /ct removehunter to remove a hunter.
    • Use /ct listhunters to see the current hunters.
  4. Use /ct start to start the game. Hunters will receive the tracking compass. You must have a speedrunner and at least 1 hunter set.
  5. Right click while holding the compass. It will point to the last location of the speedrunner. Right click it again to update it.
  6. Use /ct stop to stop the game.


By default, no-one can run commands. Only players who have these permissions can run commands.

  • compasstracker.start – Used for /ct start.
  • compasstracker.stop – Used for /ct stop.
  • compasstracker.setplayer – Used for /ct setplayer.
  • compasstracker.removeplayer – Used for /ct removeplayer.
  • compasstracker.addhunter – Used for /ct addhunter.
  • compasstracker.removehunter – Used for /ct removehunter.


It’s recommended to download the latest release. You can find releases at GitHub.


This plugin is released under GNU General Public License v3.

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