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EzHomes is a super simple homes plugin for Spigot/Paper. It works on versions 1.16 and above. If you use Paper, you will benefit with async teleports.


  • /home <name> – Teleport to a home.
  • /homes – List all your homes you set.
  • /sethome <name> – Create a new home where you are standing.
  • /delhome <name> – Delete a home.
  • /updatehome <name> – Update a home’s location with your current location.
  • /where <home> – Get the location of a home.


  • ezhomes.reload – Reload the config.
  • ezhomes.bypasslimit – Bypasses the limit of homes set in the config.
  • ezhomes.bypasscooldown – Bypasses the teleport cooldown in the config.


This is the default config. It only has 2 settings to change and they are self-explanatory.

# How many seconds a player has to wait before teleporting again.
teleport-cooldown: 100

# How many homes a player can have.
total-homes: 5


It’s recommended to download the latest release. You can find releases at GitHub.


This plugin is released under GNU General Public License v3.

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